"Kazakhstan" Central Concert Hall

"Kazakhstan" Central Concert Hall

Price: ~from 5000 KZT tenge.
Address: Mangilik Yel Ave., 10/1

A unique in its architectural and acoustic characteristics Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall with a capacuty of up to three thousand five hundred seats is situated in the new administrative center of Astana. Due to the volume of artistry and modern construction approach, Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall is built in harmony with the President's residency, the building of the Senate and the Majilis.

The capacity of a concert hall area is three thousand five hundred and twelve square meters, one of the largest halls in the world, designed for concerts of symphonic and chamber music performances, the opera and ballet, film screenings and political events.

The author of the idea is Manfredi Nicoletti. Mr. Nicoletti is not only one of the most avangard designers in the world, but also one of the most sought-after architects, famous around the world for natural principles of construction. The Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall might gain the glory of Sydney Opera in Australia.

Such unique project, to date, can not be found in any of the CIS countries and is certainly one of the most important architectural buildings of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In total, the cost of the object located on the area of thirty-eight thousand six hundred square meters, is estimated to 28 billion tenge ($ 187 million). A distinctive location is pyatstsa foyer (area of 2.970 sq. m), which contains: * Three panoramic elevators (load capacity of each is 630 kg.) * Wardrobe (4500 places) * boutiques offering exclusive types of goods (8 boutiques ) * 2 conference halls for 200 and 400 seats, equipped according to the latest technology * catering restaurant (80 seats), cafeteria (200 seats), round bar (35 seats) and the bar under the dombra (50 seats) .

The hall itself is named after Kazakh musical instrument. It's not just a hall, the whole atrium is located in pyatstsa foyer and is isolated by special structures, the so-called sails. The atrium is in the styled shell, so the whole bustling city life is bounded. From the inside and outside the atrium is decorated with a specific wood, which allows the acoustics to carry out their functions without any limitations. Even the floor of the concert hall is covered with a special high-wear resistance flooring and stowed in a special way in accordance with the acoustic bias. All the latest technologies are united in here without any accidental or material joint.

Particular attention is paid to the multifunctional stage (an area of 274 sq. m.), controlled by one person, with one remote control. An orchestra pit is located in front of the stage, the duration of descent and ascent is around 4 minutes. The depth of the orchestra pit reaches 4.5 meters, and requires a separate output for the orchestra. The back part of the scene is directly assigned to the choir, and the choir has 7 tiers controlled with the remote control reaching two meters in height. Various film screenings and video presentations can be played here due to a widescreen projection, with the dimensions of 14x8 meters, playing video in any format including Blue Ray (modern high quality format).

Luxury illumination is located on fifteen stages and can impress with various light spectres. A 25 kilowatt Renkus Hines cluster is positioned above the stage, in the central point. Renkus Hines is one of the world leaders in the field of sound and music equipment and at the moment in Kazakhstan is found only in one Concert Hall. 12 of the front speakers are located by the perimeter of the room.

The speaker system comprises 22 italian-made valve petals bringing the acoustic concert sound to perfection, from all the angles. Paying attention to the walls one can see the curtains with a special acoustic effect of attraction and repulsion of the sound.

Curtains are controlled by a single computer designed for this program. Even the chairs in the hall have a special acoustic insert, which is located at the bottom of the seat. There is an advantageous feature in the atrium – it visually becomes smaller.

This effect is due to the curtains, that cut off the upper level of the hall gallery, and the third-level sector - the balcony. Thus, the room of three thousand five hundred seats can easily be converted into a room for two thousand. It can be noted that the construction of the facility was initiated by the head of the State – Nursultan Nazarbayev who cares for the development of culture in the Republic, bringing to our country unique constructions such as Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall.

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