A true oasis in the midst of the Kazakh steppe, this beautiful place is located within the territory of Burabay Park. The resort attracts visitors with its pristine nature, pure air, lakes, picturesque mountain peaks, and the lush greenery of coniferous forests.

Under the scorching sun, the yellow steppe stretches, meeting a green belt of dense forest on the horizon. But beyond it, weary travelers will discover a remarkable and mysterious land with winding mountain ranges, century-old trees, treetops touching the sky, enchanting lakes, and the gentle ripple of water. This mystical region is known as Burabay or Borovoe.

The Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort area is renowned for its clean lakes, unique climatic conditions, and well-developed tourist infrastructure. In the summer, people come to Burabay to relax by the lake and benefit from the healing mineral waters and therapeutic muds. In the winter, the resort attracts enthusiasts of active recreation and skiing. It is located 257 km from Astana in the direction of Kokshetau.

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