Imantau-Shalkar Resort area

Imantau-Shalkar Resort area

In the North Kazakhstan region, the primary tourist center is the Ayrtau District

Positioned as the Imantau-Shalkar Resort Zone, where all the most important tourist and natural attractions are located. The landscape here includes small mountains, dense forests, and of course, water bodies, with the most prominent being Lake Shalkar and Lake Imantau. The resort zone also encompasses numerous protected archaeological and architectural monuments.

Most local water bodies have clear freshwater, with one exception - Lake Shalkar. The water of this lake is somewhat similar in composition to seawater, which is why it is famous for its healing properties. The reason for this lies in the fact that Shalkar has no river inflows. When visiting, tourists can take a stroll through dense pine forests, climb rocky outcrops, and, of course, enjoy the sandy beaches of the lake.

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