Falcon Mountains

Falcon Mountains

The Falcon Mountains are located in the Yerementau district, at the distance of one and half hours drive from the Astana, among granite rocks and forests.

Here you can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, biking and car tours and rock climbing. From the tops of the hills there is magnificent view of the surroundings, covered with a carpet of juniper, which is a rare and valuable plant. One of the attractions of Falcon Mountains is the Aulie-Bulak spring. Just 800 meters from it stands Mount Zhaushoky, which rises 450 meters above sea level. In total, there are up to 16 mountain ranges within the park. To visit, you need to pay 0.1 MRP by scanning the QR-code on the official website https://gnpp-buiratau.kz.

Website of the State National Natural Park "Buiratau"

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