The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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Address: Tauelsizdik Ave., 54

National Museum of the country was opened on the initiative and direct instruction of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev. At this point his fund has over 175 thousand exhibit items.

On March 17, 1998 there was an extended session of the State Commission for hosting the year of national unity and national history, during which the Head of State spoke to the intellectuals: people of art, literature and religion, and for the first time announced the idea of establishing a national museum, and also defined the basic structure of the future museum. Om the extended meeting of the Community Council for realization of the program «Cultural Heritage», in accordance with the instruction of the President, the Akimat of Nur-Sultan and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan started to take practical steps to establish the museum of international level.

Construction of the museum was carried out at the expense of funds allocated by JSC «KazMunaiGas». General contractor was the company «Basis Project LTD», and the design project was developed by the South Korean company «Desiqn be Art» jointly with Kazakhstani designers; construction work was successfully carried out by Turkish company Turkuaz Construction LLP.

National Museum opened its doors to visitors in July 2014 with the participation of the President and harmoniously complemented the general view on the Independence Square, which combined the symbol of statehood – the monument «Kazakh Eli», the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, the National University of Arts and the mosque «Hazrat Sultan».

The amazing building consists of seven blocks with variable height from two and up to eight floors, with a total area of 74 thousand square meters. For example, the exposition area reaches 14 thousand square meters, the scope of museums covers 5000 square meters.

Visitors will be introduced to the history of the country by the halls of ancient and medieval history, the history of gold, ethnography of independent Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan and contemporary art. In addition to the exhibition halls there are Research Institute «Ulttyk Miras – National Heritage», restoration workshops, laboratories, museums, places of temporary exhibitions, library with reading rooms, conference room equipped with simultaneous translation equipment.

The exposition of the Ancient and Medieval History Hall represents the tools and everyday objects of the Stone Age, archaeological objects of Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as artifacts of the medieval history of Kazakhstan (ceramics, numismatics, tools), so there is a general idea of ancient and medieval history of the country. The exposition of the history hall shows the history of Kazakhstan in XV-XX centuries and reveals the main stages of the history of formation and development of the Kazakh Khanate and the history of nationalist rebellions of the Kazakh people.

The exposition of the Halls of gold demonstrate golden articles of the ancient nomads of Kazakhstan – the unique finds from archaeological excavations. «Golden Man» found on Issyk burial mound, Sarmatian warrior in Atyrau, as well as priceless finds from ancient settlements Chilikty and Berel, burial ground Taldy excite genuine admiration for the ancient nomadic culture. The exposition of the Ethnography hall provides a variety of jewelry, costumes, traditional Kazakh dwelling – yurt, as well as objects of everyday life of the Kazakh people. Also, the creation of the exchange fund based on experience of Russia and other countries allows to get rare exhibits from abroad.

The great interest of visitors is the story of the formation and development of independent Kazakhstan. In this context, the chronicle of a quarter-century, full with struggles for independence and search for new ways is clearly reflected in the halls of independent Kazakhstan and Nur-Sultan. The hall of Independent Kazakhstan widely and in a flexible manner presents the history, politics, economics, culture and art of the country, which is the successor of the ancient Turks and found its way of development.

The exposition of the Hall of Nur-Sultan is of particular interest, which reveals the history of the young capital of Kazakhstan. Recent history is told by the language of photos, plans, diagrams, models, archival documents and objects. In the hall of Nur-Sultan the focus will be a unique dynamic layout of Nur-Sultan and media field, which together will make a colorful show with a large curved screen image. Trilingual media guide is the faithful guide, with whom the visitors can easily get around all the rooms of the museum.

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