Unusual masterclasses in the capital

Painting Masterclass

Participants create their own artwork, socialize, and enjoy their favorite beverages.

In three hours, each participant will paint a picture on a real canvas


Candle Making Masterclass

At the masterclass, you will learn how to make candles from natural beeswax.

During the workshop, you can create a minimum of 2 candles


Floral Masterclass

Floristry masterclass for beginners introduce you to the fascinating art of creating bouquets and compositions from flowers and natural materials


Pottery Masterclass

Experiment with clay, shape the form, express your artistic vision using the potter's wheel and your hands


Roman Mosaic Masterclass

Each participant creates their own small mosaic from natural stone (marble, travertine) and then assembles it.

At the end of the masterclass, all event participants take their mosaic home


Gypsum Decor Masterclass

You will be able to create gypsum items for your home with your own hands.

You will craft 3-4 different items using several techniques: with patina, marble, terrazzo