Top 5 parks

Botanical Garden

The Nur-Sultan Botanical Garden is the largest and the newest park in the capital. The park was set up back in 2012. The official opening attended by President Nursultan Nazarbayev took place in the summer of 2018.
Botanical Garden is a great public place for spending time with family or friends. The park offers a great variety of activities – children’s playground, gym, volleyball and basketball courts, biking and jogging paths, and even a fountain. This is one of the greenest corners of the capital with 95 thousand trees growing here. The park also contains two greenhouses, an artificial reservoir with an area of 45 thousand square meters, and a pedestrian bridge.

Presidential park

The Presidential Park is a patch of nature in the very center of the capital. It was created recently – in 2008. The park is home to lawns with flower beds and thousands of trees. From the north side, the park is bordered by Baitursynov Street, from the south – by Nazhimedenov Street. Akorda and the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation are located on the western and eastern sides, respectively. The park offers great views of Nur-Sultan’s skyline.
A large number of paths attract joggers, rollers and cyclists to the park. Young people often organize various sports competitions here: quests, obstacle courses, or bicycle races.
Presidential Park offers a variety of kid-friendly activities: children can ride bicycles, electric cars, gyroscooters, or roller skates there. On the summer stage, park-goers can watch various cultural performances during the warmer summer months.

Zheruiyk Park

Zheruiyk, one of the most beautiful parks in the capital of Kazakhstan, is located not far from the city center, in the Karaotkel Microdistrict. In Kazakh, Zheruiyk means “Promised Land.” On an area of 21 hectares, there is a wonderful grove of 11 species of trees and shrubs. Currently, their number reaches 10 thousand. The huge park is crossed by numerous biking and jogging paths equipped with benches and decorated with sculptures.
Zheruiyk Park is very popular among locals and travelers. However, its opening was delayed for many years. Zheruiyk was set up in 1998 but was officially opened only in 2008. This delay had a good reason – it took a decade for the young seedlings to grow. Today, park-goers can admire birches, pines, poplars, bird cherry and other species of trees. The park looks especially beautiful in spring (during the flowering period) and in autumn (when leaves turn yellow and fiery-red).

Central Park

Nur-Sultan Central Park, previously known as the Astana Park, is a great oasis of nature and calm right in the heart of the city. This 104-hectare park is one of the city’s biggest attractions. On its territory, there is a great variety of activities for the whole family. The park, established in 1893, is popular among tourists and locals year-round.
The park is home to Oasis Water Park with three pools of different depths for children, adolescents and adults. The water park can accommodate up to 200 people. There is also a cafe so visitors can satisfy their hunger after swimming. For those wanting to relax and sunbathe, there are sun loungers.

Zhetysu Park

Zhetysu Park, formerly known as Arai Park, was renovated in 2018. Here you will see miniature copies of Kazakhstan's most recognizable landmarks. You can explore the Charyn Canyon, touch the Tamgaly stone, admire the Zhetysu rivers and see the famous Almaty aport apple. The park also has a fountain, a 1.5 km bike path, jogging tracks, sports facilities, and children’s playgrounds.