Top 5 amazing photo locations

Central Park (Esil Park)

During your trip to the city of Astana, you must visit Central Park. An incredible place amidst the trees with attractions, right by the Esil River embankment, perfect for colorful photographs.

Astana Opera

Astana Opera is one of the main attractions of the Astana city. The theater building impresses with its incredible architecture and also features an extraordinary interior that will undoubtedly enhance any photograph.

Mangilik El Square

The central square surrounded by fantastic architectural structures in Astana is a must-visit place for capturing atmospheric photos.

Wall of the World

A futuristic monument, consisting of three parts, will become an integral part of your photos during your trip to Astana.

Expo Center

The Expo area has become a popular spot for photography as it offers numerous incredible locations to capture the perfect shot.