Center of Tomotherapy and Nuclear Medicine "Umit"

Center of Tomotherapy and Nuclear Medicine "Umit"

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The latest technology "tomotherapy" combines intensity-modulated radiation therapy, the accuracy of which is provided by megavolt computed tomography. For the first time, the TomoTherapy HD system was used in the United States in 2012. The main difference from older therapeutic settings is that the patient's irradiation occurs in a spiral with a narrow radiation field. This allows you to evenly deliver the planned dose exactly to the target, without damaging healthy tissues. The innovative approach, in which the patient's couch moves through a ring with a built-in linear accelerator, allows for treatment over a length of 135 cm, which is more than three times more than in other known radiotherapy systems. The characteristics of the technology make it the method of choice for most types of malignant neoplasms in adults and children.
The medical specialists of the Center (radiologists, medical physicists and operators) were trained in leading specialized institutions in the USA, Europe and India.


Remote radiotherapy in outpatient settings using the TomoTerapy HD device. Scope of application: Brain tumors; breast cancer, lung cancer, head and neck tumors, spinal tumors, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer, lymphomas, rectal cancer, total radiation in preparation for bone marrow transplantation, mesothelioma and others.

The treatment has an effect on long and complex tumors, protects healthy tissues and qualitatively destroys abnormal structures, reduces short-term and long-term side effects and guarantees a faster recovery.


Advantages of the TomoTerapy HD device:

the possibility of simultaneous irradiation of several targets in one session, without the need to rearrange the patient (for example, with extended tumors);
the possibility of simultaneous irradiation of long-dimensional targets (for example, the craniospinal department) conformally and evenly, since there is no need for "docking" of fields;
simplification of the planning and implementation of radiation in the treatment of complex cases: for example, large tumors of the head and neck, large sarcomas, with total radiation, treatment of mesothelioma, Hodgkin's lymphoma, pelvic tumors.

Daniel Fass is the head of the New York Center for Tomotherapy, who is a highly qualified specialist in the field of treatment with this method. Professor Daniel Fass is an official partner of the center and regularly visits our center, conducts master classes for doctors, and advises patients.

Anar Serikovna Kystaubayeva, PhD, Medical Director. Work experience – 15 years. Author of 28 scientific publications,