Astana ECOLIFE Medical Center for Reproductive Medicine

Astana ECOLIFE Medical Center for Reproductive Medicine

Phone numbers: +7 (7172) 273-777

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Astana ECOLIFE is a leading accredited medical center for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, which uses all types of assisted reproductive technologies.


Receptions of narrow specialists (gynecologist-endocrinologist, gynecologist-reproductologist, urologist-andrologist, dermatovenerologist, geneticist, therapist, mammologist)
Diagnosis of diseases (Clinical diagnostic laboratory, cytogenetic laboratory, ultrasound)
Surgical treatment (operations in gynecology and urology)
Assisted reproductive technologies (IVF, ICSI, PIXI, preimplantation genetic screening, cryobank, etc.)
Our achievements:

11 years on the market
The birth of more than 2000 children
42% average effectiveness of infertility treatment with the help of reproductive technologies.
We provide 597 types of services
More than 1000 cycles were performed within the framework of the GOBMP
Membership in international associations of reproductive medicine
Conducting the first social project on the Kazakh television "We want a child"