Nursultan Embankment

The famous Nursultan Embankment is located within walking distance from the cafe. We strongly recommend that you go to the embankment through the Arbat, which is located five meters from the cafe "Rafe". You can buy national souvenirs on the Arbat-they will help to keep warm memories of a trip to the capital of Kazakhstan.

The embankment is a favorite place of recreation for residents of Nursultan and its guests: the unhurried flow of the river, picturesque panoramas of the city, street musicians, artists, children's attractions. A bicycle and pedestrian bridge in the form of a fish is mandatory to visit. Yes, yes, this is not a typo. The bridge was presented by the Atyrau region to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the capital. If you look at the bridge from above, you can see that its shell resembles the shape of a fish, which is a symbol of the Atyrau region. The design of the bridge corresponds to world trends in architecture, has a modern look and creates a bizarre play of light and shadow inside the pedestrian zone.