Rodina Calls - tour to the Rodina agrofirm
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Rodina Calls - tour to the Rodina agrofirm
Probably, each of us knows the dairy products "Rodina". Did you know that this village is located very close to the capital? And what is it known for, besides its environmentally friendly products? The extraordinary cleanliness of the streets, well-groomed and orderly, smiling residents, high productivity and some kind of peace, tranquility, in other words zen – that's what you will see and feel here. This village is an example for others, because there is a combination of organization and care for each resident. And we will be happy to show it to you, we will go to the dairy plant to see the production of sour cream, milk, yogurt, and also visit the livestock complex, look at the cows that give this milk, walk through the village, admire the houses lined up in a row, as if under a ruler, with front gardens, have a delicious lunch and visit a store where natural fresh products are sold.
Are you still thinking about going or not?!
Then again: there is a zoo there, where yaks and deer are found!
Well, what? Let's go!