Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee

Price: from 10000 tenge
Korgalzhyn highway, 1, MEGA Nur-Sultan, 2nd floor
Costa Coffee is one of the most popular coffee houses in the world. The world brand was created by Sergio and Bruno Costa. Coffee with a unique flavor was brought to the numerous coffee shops and cafes in London. The seeds for Costa Coffee were processed according to the Italian method, after which they were fried in a special way. Coffee from the Costa brothers quickly fell in love with the inhabitants of London turnover, and in 1978, opened the espresso bar Costa Coffee.

Costa Coffee includes about 2000 points in the UK, as well as more than 560 coffee houses in 25 countries around the world. Unique technology and special roasting gives rise to the famous in the whole world Mocca Italy, from the brothers Costa. Mocca Italia you can try in every Costa coffee shop.

There are only 3 masters from Italy working in Costa British coffee houses, who are professional roasters of coffee beans.

Thanks to a personal factory, the company continues to maintain high quality products. Cooked with love, from selected grains and processed in Italian style, Costa Coffee continues to conquer the hearts of coffee mates around the world.

Drinks in Costa Coffee in MEGA Park barista cooks by hand. Order a drink in Costa Coffee, Almaty prefers unique tastes. If you want to be added syrup, cream or espresso, just tell the polite and courteous staff of the coffee shop.

The magnificent Costa Coffee is not the only drink that a coffee house can offer. A large assortment, including teas, cocoa, as well as ice cocktails will be a wonderful addition to your leisure.