Coffee Boom Kudayberdyuly 19B

Coffee Boom Kudayberdyuly 19B

Price: from 3500 tenge
Kudaiberdyuly 19b

About us:

Now this is happens hundreds of times a day - the coffee for the buyer is only at arm's length, but it all started in 2010 when we opened a small coffee shop, carring out out duties in a "take away" form at the gas station on Manas street – coffee to go.

The first customers were car owners who enjoyed hot coffee and a crunchy sandwich on the way to work.

For Astana it was a novelty, and it became the main attribute of the work for us. In 2014 we opened two stores in different parts of the city.


We try to create a special kind of communication within the customers and we protect these relationships. Each cup of coffee is of the highest quality, served by welcoming and trained staff, to our social orientation (business social responsibility).

Coffee Boom - a place where your friends are! That is why we strive to provide our guests with comfort, warmth and delightful taste! Thanks to our guests we are able to grow and develop.

Our employees are regularly trained in the best confectionaries in France, Italy and Russia.

CoffeeBOOM today is three cozy coffee shops, where you can always escape from the city, have a quick lunch, spend time with friends, arrange a children's holiday, enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Life taste is the main idea of our company!

opening hours

around the clock, seven days a week